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Due to ongoing instability with this domain address (URL), we have set up a secondary address at: http://lutheran-liturgy.org (notice the dash). Please update your links and use the new location for a more stable experience. Thank you.

Purpose of this website -- This website was developed to assist Evangelical-Lutherans in locating congregations which use the historic liturgy of the Church in all of their services and practice Closed Communion. Whether traveling on vacation or business or moving to a new home, this directory will help them find Evangelical-Lutheran congregations which have not adopted worship customs from the surrounding culture, such as "contemporary worship," "praise bands," or "entertainment worship."

Call ahead -- If attending one of the listed congregations, call ahead to make sure the service times are correct. Also, if you wish to commune at a congregation in fellowship with your own, it would be appropriate to call the pastor ahead of time so he can speak with you (and with your pastor).

Disclaimer -- The publisher of this directory does not guarantee that the congregations listed in the directory use only historic liturgies. If you visit a listed congregation and it does not meet the list criteria, please contact us so that we can look into the matter. Thank you for your patience and assistance in helping to improve this website. On the other hand, if you visit one of the churches on this list and are happy with the selection, please fill out a visit report available at the bottom of any church listing!

Affiliation -- Synodical (or similar) affiliation of congregations is listed next to "Fellowship" in your search results.

PLEASE NOTE -- A recent maintenance event at our web hosting provider took some of our data and the associated programming off-line for a time. Unfortunately, not everything was retrievable. We believe we got the great majority of information, but certain sections of the website are still unusable (eg., Add your church / Update your listing, and feedback/comments). We will be working to restore them as time is available to do so.